Portfolio Management

The investment team at Arcano Capital (SGIIC) manages all or part of its clients’ financial assets with a view to maximizing financial returns based on a personalized investment policy and risk profile.

Portfolio Management activity is undertaken through Arcano Capital SGIIC, SAU.

“Our mission is to apply the best practices of the most successful institutional investors (pension funds, independent managers and major family offices), avoiding conflicts of interest and the limitations of private banking services.” 

Paolo Mezza, Partner and Director of Investments.

The following graph reflects the results of an investment strategy with a target return of Euribor + 350 basis points, managed by Arcano’s Wealth Management division: 



(January 2004 - September 2020)



Annualized ReturnVolatilitySharpe RatioSortino Ratio
Arcano Model Portfolio 96,26%
Global Equities157,90%6,00%14,88%0,320,36
Global FI79,29%3,66% 4,66%0,530,90



Within the same strategy, Arcano SGIIC is currently managing Arcano Partners Fund, FI. 

2020-10-22 12_26_40-Formato TR APF - PowerPoint.jpg

Products and services

  • Financial portfolio management/advisory.
  • Management/advisory for Spanish investment funds and SICAVs.
  • Delegated management of Spanish investment funds and SICAVs.
  • Delegated management of Luxembourg-domiciled funds and SICAVs.