How to make rich people increase their income and avoid familiar conflicts - CINCO DÍAS14/05/2018Family Office

Cinco Días publishes an article in which Íñigo Susaeta, Partner and General Director of Arcano's Family Office, introduces their advisory service  for the management of family assets. Susaeta recommends to apply investment strategies that include business criteria and good governance in order to make sure that the family assets are preserved efficiently. 

Investors' interest in family-owned companies increases - EXPANSIÓN19/04/2018Family Office

Expansión publishes an opinion article written by Borja Oria and Íñigo Susaeta in which both analyse the current economic situation, highlighting the increasing interest that investors have in family-owned companies.

Banking sector considers the directive Mifid II exposes investors to an overload of information - EXPANSIÓN19/04/2018Family Office

Expansión informs about the entry into force of the European directive Mifid II. According to Carlos Trinchant, Legal Director at Arcano Wealth Advisors, the regulation aims to recover the confidence that investors had lost during the economic crisis.

The Valencian family-owned company, attractive for investors 12/04/2018Family Office

Levante El Mercantil Valenciano has published an opinion article written by Iñigo Susaeta and Borja Oria on the perspectives of the Valencian family-owned companies for 2018. 

Íñigo Susaeta (Arcano): Our Valencian clients ask us for preserving their patrimonies" - VALENCIA PLAZA12/04/2018Family Office

Valencia Plaza publishes an interview with Íñigo Susaeta, Partner and Director of Arcano's Family Office, in order to get to know from the perspective of one of the leading companies in family wealth advice factors like how the current private banking outlook is or what means the implementation of MIFID II.

The Basque family-owned company for 2018 - EL DIARIO VASCO08/04/2018Family Office

El Diario Vasco has published an opinion article written by Iñigo Susaeta and Borja Oria on the perspectives of the Basque family-owned companies for 2018. 

Funds that add value: withstand the storm and get on the recovery - LA RIOJA11/03/2018Family Office

La Rioja has published an article about most successful funds during February's adjustment weeks, in which Arcano's fund selector, Ion Zulueta, warns about the risk on both equity and bonds, in case of an increased volatility.