What are the 'search funds': how young enterpreneurs can become CEOs - BUSINESS INSIDER03/06/2018Arcano Partners

Business Insider publishes an article in which Gerard García Esteve, Investment Banking Analyst at Arcano Partners, explains what the so-colled search funds are about, now that they have become a great opportunity for both inversors and enterpreneurs.

Author funds to bear in mind - INVERSIÓN & FINANZAS04/05/2018Arcano Partners

Inversión & Finanzas publishes an article regarding the so-called "author funds" in which Ion Zulueta, Head of Management Selection of Arcano Partners, recommends to diversify funds towards all levels, including managers and assets.

Jaime Carvajal and the investment banking - LA VANGUARDIA18/03/2018Arcano Partners

La Vanguardia informs about the declarations from Jaime Carvajal, partner and CEO of Arcano Parnters, in the event Las Mañanas de Esade. Carvajal pointed out that Spain should boost local investment banking and that clients nowadays tend to "look for new experiences within an increasing digital environment". 

The banks have paid more than 4,000 million to break insurance pacts - EXPANSIÓN05/03/2018Arcano Partners

Expansión has published an article about what banks have had to pay to the insurers after breaking alliances between these sectors due to the crisis. Sofía Mendes, partner of Arcano, believes that these convenants"have supposed a powerful development of the insurance business".

Oaktree expresses its investment in Eolia and already talks about its "exit" from the renewable energy company - EL CONFIDENCIAL18/12/2017Arcano Partners

El Confidencial has published an article about Oaktree that has sold his debt in Eolia with the advice of Jefferies-Arcano. With this operation, the fund starts its divestment in the energy group after two years.

Oaktree sells Eolia debt and starts the divestment in the group - CINCO DÍAS16/12/2017Arcano Partners

Cinco Días media outlet highlights that Oaktree has sold its debt is Eolia advised by Jefferies-Arcano.  With this operation, the fund begins its divestment in the group.

Brookfield finances Eolia to give Oaktree dividend - EXPANSIÓN16/12/2017Arcano Partners

Expansión reports that Oaktree has sold its Eolia debt with the advice of Jefferies-Arcano. With this operation, the fund begins its divestment in the group after two years.