What are the 'search funds': how young enterpreneurs can become CEOs - BUSINESS INSIDER03/06/2018Arcano Partners

Business Insider publishes an article in which Gerard García Esteve, Investment Banking Analyst at Arcano Partners, explains what the so-colled search funds are about, now that they have become a great opportunity for both inversors and enterpreneurs.

Salaries will become to increase - ABC03/06/2018Economic Research

ABC publishes a tribune by Ignacio de la Torre, Chief Economist at Arcano Partners, who predicts a general increase of salaries in accordance with inflation, what will cause higher levels of consume and an increase of the employment generation. 

How to protect yourself from political uncertainty - INVERSIÓN & FINANZAS01/06/2018Economic Research

Inversión & Finanzas publishes an article based on how to overcome the current political uncertainty in Spain, in which analysts from Arcano Partners highlight the stability of Spanish markets given the pro-european commitment of main parties and the successful banking reform.

Survivor Rajoy looks to stave off political demise - FINANCIAL TIMES30/05/2018Economic Research

Financial times includes an article in which Ignacio de la Torre, Chief Economist at Arcano, considers that President Mariano Rajoy will overcome the vote of no confidence and remain as Prime Minister.

Spain to keep growing at a rate of 2% until 2020 in spite of the vote of no confidence - VOZPÓPULI30/05/2018Economic Research

Vozpópuli informs about the continuous growth of Spanish economy, supported by the analysis of Arcano, whose Chief Economist, Ignacio de la Torre, assures the effects of political uncertainty over economy to be slight.

Political Uncerteinty To Cause Fear In The Markets - EL MUNDO29/05/2018Economic Research

El Mundo includes Arcano Partners' statements regarding the current political uncerteinty when it comes to its effect on Spanish economy, assuring that it is reduced, at least in the short term.

What Telefonica Pension Scheme Invest On - EXPANSIÓN28/05/2018Investment Banking

Expansión publishes an article that informs about the profitability of Telefonica's pension scheme during 2017, in which Arcano, among other fund managers, contributed with a total amount of 112 million euros. 

Spain’s Parliament to Vote on Friday Whether to Remove Prime Minister Rajoy - WALL STREET JOURNAL28/05/2018Economic Research

Wall Street Journal informs about the debate on Mariano Rajoy's future as the Spanish Prime Minister, and analyzing the possible impact of the vote of no confidence, Ignacio de la Torre explains that even if Rajoy is removed, the economic effects would be limited.