Capital Market

“The last two years have seen the beginnings of a structural change in the financing of companies through capital markets, as this offers clear advantages and an alternative to traditional bank financing. Arcano is a leader in alternative financing.” 

- Constantino Gómez
, Partner, Investment Banking.

Equity Capital Markets

At Arcano, our team advises on all stages of listing on the Alternative Stock Market (MAB) and the main market for companies seeking to expand their business and obtain new financing. 

An IPO is a once in a lifetime event. Our financial advisors work very closely with the company involved to ensure the success of the listing and meet the company’s goals.  

Corporate Broker

  • Investor Relations consultancy
  • Institutional equity research, providing quality, in-depth reports on a regular basis

We carry out IPOs aimed at institutional investors in the Spanish and European markets, rolling out an investor relations strategy (roadshows, breakfasts, investor days) and securing block trades. 


Debt Capital Markets

At Arcano, we have domestic and global experience advising on capital portfolios and in-depth knowledge of balance sheet structuring.

Fixed Income Markets and MARF

At Arcano we specialize in bond market transactions. Since we provided consultancy to the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Finance in 2013 on the design, development and implementation of the MARF (Alternative Fixed Income Market), we have been the Spanish leader in MARF issuances.

Our team boasts group of debt market specialists who offer our clients independent advice on bond issuances, evaluating transaction viability, as well as:

  • Advising on the most suitable market for placement (including private placements).
  • Preparing the bond issuance, selection and coordination of bookrunners.
  • Providing support on the process of obtaining ratings, etc.


At Arcano we have a highly experienced team of fixed income professionals. From the trading desk, we place bonds, commercial paper and other debt instruments in the capital markets, particularly MARF and AIAF and place shares through IPOs, both on the MAB and the main market, as well as buying and selling issuances that are already in circulation.